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Prize Awards FAQ
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How can I participate as an AAMC member?

Start thinking, looking, and talking! Begin by writing down your nominations for awards in each of the categories. Talk to your friends and colleagues about exhibitions you would like to see nominated and then ask them for their ideas. Or, you can write to with suggestions for nominations.

Can you please describe the nominations process?


AAMC members are encouraged to nominate other colleagues' exhibitions and publications by colleagues or to self-nominate. Once the forms have been submitted electronically, AAMC will notify the nominator about the additional steps required (i.e.: sending out copies of the publication, any additional material required if the application was incomplete).  Jurors will review the nominations in the Article/Essay/Extended Catalogue and Catalogue/Publication categories, and the Prize Committee reviews the Exhibitions/Installations.  

Can I nominate more than one exhibition or catalogue?

Yes! In fact, it is encouraged.

When are the nominations due?

The 2016 nomination dealine: TBA

When are the Awardees notified?

The Awardees are notified in advance of the Annual Conference & Meeting, with the Award ceremony being held at the Conference.

Why did the Prize Committee/AAMC drop the thematic/monographic/etc. category approach?

In an effort to acknowledge the excellent work at organizations of various sizes, the Board of the AAMC determined that basing the prizes on operating budget size will offer greater diversity and more accurately reflect the breadth and the depth of the membership. Museums with operating budgets of under $4 million will no longer competing with museums with operating budgets of over $20 million. The designation of the annual operating budget divisions is based on an even distribution of the levels of institutional membership currently represented in the AAMC.

What are the key juror considerations/criteria?

For publications, please click here. For exhibitions, please click here.

What are the key considerations for the Exhibition/Installation categories?

Exhibition award winners are determined by the AAMC Prize Committee.  Nominations for the exhibition awards include the submission of sample text.  The most appropriate sample text will be no more than 3 pages in length and will accurately portray the curatorial vision for the exhibition.  Examples include relevant wall text, catalogue entries, or programmatic material associated with the exhibition.  Exhibitions must have opened to the public within the calendar year 2015.  If an exhibition bridges 2016, it is still eligible for nomination in the 2015 category.  Exhibitions that traveled to multiple locations during 2015 must select one North American venue to nominate, with preference given to the originating venue and in consultation with all organizing curators.  All individual organizing curators will be awarded the prize should the exhibition win. 

Can you tell me more about the Outstanding Article, Essay or Extended Catalogue Entry category?

This category is adjudicated without consideration of operating budget. A separate jury of curators, drawn from the AAMC membership, will review the nominations. Catalogue essays submitted for review may be by a contributing author or the primary author of the publication (primary authors are also qualified to be nominated in the outstanding catalogue or publication category). An email copy of the nominated item must be sent to AAMC.  The nominated author will be presented with the Award.


Please explain the Outstanding Catalogue or Publication category.

Catalogue or Publication nominations, for print and digital, which include both exhibition and permanent collection publications in a single category, are adjudicated according to museum operating budget (categories defined above).  A separate jury of curators, drawn from the AAMC membership, is assigned to each operating budget category.  When submitting a nomination, a budget category must be assigned and a copy of the publication/catalogue sent to each juror by the nominated institution. The main nominated author or co-author will be presented with the Award.


How do I choose my operating budget category?

If you are self-nominating and know the annual operating budget of your institution, please feel free to select the appropriate radio button. If you don't know the annual operating budget of your institution, please contact your museum's finance department to obtain the information. For nominations outside of your own institution please contact either the curator you are nominating or be in touch with the AAMC office to assist you.


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