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Prize Awards FAQ
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AAMC Awards for Excellence
FAQ and Additional Information

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories, and separated by the operating budget designations noted above (with the exception of the essay category which remains unchanged from previous years and is not based on operating budget): 

Outstanding Catalogue (permanent collection & exhibition publications)

Outstanding Essay, Article, or Extended Catalogue Entry

Outstanding Exhibition 

Prizes are awarded for publications and exhibitions in the following categories, and separated by the operating budget designations noted above (with the exception of the essay category which is not based on operating budget):

Museums with operating budgets up to $4 million

Museums with operating budgets between $4 and $20 million

Museums with operating budgets over $20 million

The Prize Committee, made up of AAMC members and the AAMC Executive Director, will canvas colleagues for nomination ideas in all categories. They are charged, in other words, with the constructive role of soliciting nominations from a geographic and discipline-diverse group of curators. AAMC members will still make nominations and, in fact, they are encouraged to do so and may nominate more than once in any category.  The publications awards will be determined by a jury.  Each publication jury is comprised of four jurors who will divide the nominations by museum operating category and select the winners for each category.  The exhibition awards will now be determined by the AAMC prize committee, which will serve as the de facto jury for that awards category.  



How can I participate as an AAMC member?
Start thinking, looking, and talking! Begin by writing down your nominations for awards in each of the categories. Encourage your friends and colleagues about exhibitions you would like to see nominated and then ask them for their ideas.  Or, you can write to with suggestions for nominations.  

Can you please describe the nominations process?
AAMC members are encouraged to nominate other colleagues' work and/or to self-nominate.  Once the forms have been submitted electronically, with all appropriate material attached.  AAMC will then confirm the nomination and provide, if necessary, the nominator with additional information (i.e. for publications, the appropriate mailing address for each juror).

Can I submit multiple nominations in one category or nominate in more than one category? Yes! In fact, it is encouraged.

When are the nominations due?
Nominations are announced in the fall, and close in the winter.

Why did the Prize Committee/AAMC drop the thematic/monographic/etc. category approach?
In an effort to acknowledge the excellent work at organizations of various sizes, the Board of the AAMC determined that basing the prizes on operating budget size will offer greater diversity and more accurately reflect the breadth and the depth of the membership.  Museums with operating budgets of under $4 million will no longer be compete with museums with operating budgets of over $20 million. The designation of the annual operating budget divisions is based on an even distribution of the levels of institutional membership currently represented in the AAMC. The first year of the new process was 2014 nominations.

How do I become involved?
Sign up! If you are interested in serving as a juror, please let AAMC know.  Kindly note, that jurors are selected over the summer months. The AAMC keeps a running list of those who have expressed interest in serving. In consultation with the AAMC staff, AAMC President and Prize Committee Chair, juries are composed with diversity of discipline and geography in mind.   

How do I choose my operating budget category?
If you are self-nominating and know the annual operating budget of your institution, please feel free to select the appropriate radio button.  If you don't know the annual operating budget of your institution, please contact your museum's finance department to obtain the information.  For nominations outside of your own institution please contact either the curator you are nominating or be in touch with the AAMC office to assist you.  

An Award for Excellence for Outstanding Exhibition and/or Installation will be presented in each of the following categories, click below to access the nomination form for each category.



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